I couldn’t dream to create or maintain the social media reach and presence ASN’s ‘smart’ system affords me. What I didn’t anticipate when I became a client was the quality of their service, not the least of which is the truly excellent, beautifully-crafted articles ASN generates on my behalf! Better than anything I’ve outsourced in the past.
Thanks for the education and for your brilliant help!

– Gary W. Goldstein

The Entrepreneur’s Mentor & Film Producer (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies)

I previously spent $100,000 (in 1 year) to build my business. I joined the ASN service for $397 / month have generated more leads / traffic to my website and facility from this program than I did from the 100k I spent!
Thank you,

– Rob Deangelis

The Solebury Club in Buckingham

Just so you know, I have been getting about 40 new patients per month from online consistently for the past two months. It’s been a god send to not have to do spinal screenings. We’ve been so busy in fact that I’m hiring my first associate to help process and take care of all the new patients.
This is all possible because we’ve been an Automated Social Networking client for the past 8 months. I think every chiropractor should be utilizing your service and have recommended it as such.

– Dr. Jacob Canfield

“I promised when we first spoke over the phone, I would give you a personal video or written testimony if Automated Social Network marking really works. At that point as a professional business man, I was barely receiving any calls after having wonderfully successful career as a canine behavior trainer for 33 years. Well, as desperate and skeptical as I was, especially since so many other companies promised me great internet rankings with little success, I had to trust someone. So, after taking time to review all your information literature, videos, testimonies and guarantees, I took the plunge. After 3 and half months I noticed my business has increased about 60% since the time I started until now, June 3rd.”

“I have looked at the weekly Aanlytics on Google, and the numbers don’t lie. Currently I am booked at 90% for dog Training appointments until the second week in July and had to start a cancellation list for clients who are waiting for apointmentt slots. Also, I had to pause my Google Ad-Word account temporarily due to the internet response. Thank you so much for your understanding my position and giving me and my wife the confidence going forward with a truly affordable internet marketing plan.”
Yours Truly,

– Mr. Bob Staples

Sr. Master Canine Trainer

“ASN has a clean, easy to use program that helps drive both traffic and rankings. What we like best is the ability to just turn the program on and let them run with it without us having to get involved. The support is responsive to our needs and easy to work with so we plan to use them more and more.”

– Pete Vorenkamp

Gap Marketing Group

I am very glad that I joined ASN. They have a great service and have exceeded my expectations. We have an awesome online presence and it is showing up in our Google Ranking!, Facebook, Videos, Blog entries. Articles. Wow. I never knew we were such a great company! Special thanks to our POC, Janet. She is a jewel and really gets things done.

– Perry O.

Grass Doctor Landscape

“I am a registered investment adviser and financial and insurance planner, working almost exclusively with retirees. I have found that in searching the keywords that are pertinent to my profession that my firm dominates the first page of Google. Typically I find 3-5 articles, videos and blog entries for many of the keywords. In most cases there is a reference to my website and thus I am getting branding that I never could have gotten elsewhere for the competitive cost of your service. I find your attention to detail to be amazing and you always promptly make any changes I suggest. Kudos on having Jacqui as my liason with your firm. She calls exactly on time each month and has been very helpful in keeping me on track. I am confident that when anyone searches for a financial or retirement planner or investment adviser in my community, that I will be the one they choose to call first.”

– G. Nannen

Financial Planner

“I’m very pleased with ASN’s service, I have been with them for 1-1/2 months and am already receiving phone calls.”

- Dr. Nathan Leavitt

“Very pleased with ASN. I have been with them for 4 months now and am already getting calls.”

- Clark Williamson


“I am very glad that I joined ASN. They have great service and have met my expectation. Our traffic has steadily increased. Thanks!”

- Jason Stendahl

“I have barely been with the Social Networking team for a month and a half – and I am already on the first page of Google. I have the best account rep (Janet Brown) that is always willing and available to take my calls and answer all of my questions. Thanks for everything you do!!!”

– Mark Wm. MacInerney

Mortgage Broker

“After only 3 months Cam Tech School of Construction has seen a noticed increase in web activities that we attribute to the work that ASN has done on our behalf. We are VERY pleased with the results we have seen!”

– Ron Boyary

Cam Tech School of Construction

“I am very glad that I joined ASN. They have great service and have met my expectations. Our rankings have steadily increased, plus we’re getting calls!”

- Rick Koenig


“I am very satisfied with what you all are doing for me. My name is on the first 18 pages of Google for multiple keywords locally! Thank you for all the hard work!”

- Dr. Cody


“ASN has great service and definitely delivers on expectations!”

- Craig Johnson

AG1 Financial Inc.

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