Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the questions we are asked most frequently about the Automated Social Networking (ASN) internet marketing service.

What kind of contract is required to join ASN?

While we offer contracts that allow you to cancel at any time, we don’t recommend joining ASN if you’re not willing to the give the service at least a six-month trial. There is no overnight “magic bullet” for internet marketing. We do offer prepaid plans. Invest in our six-month plan and receive a 5% prepayment discount. Invest in our 12-month plan and receive a 10% prepayment discount. This applies to all packages. Give us a call for more information.

Is my area geographically exclusive?

Yes! You lock up your zip code. No one in your zip code from the same profession can join our service if you have that zip code.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

No. We aren’t interested in business owners who are looking for a quick fix…or for people who want to “dip their toe” into the world of social media marketing. No large professional company in this space or direct competitor of ours offers a 30-day money-back-guarantee. Our service requires our staff to invest a tremendous amount of time, work, energy, and effort for members. We are only looking for clients that are committed to utilizing social media marketing to enjoy sustained growth in their business.

Having said that, we do have five guarantees. Here they are:

      • We guarantee a 1st page Google ranking in 90 days or we work for free until we get you there.
      • We guarantee your content will stay live online for at least two years should you cancel (unless it is removed by you).
      • We guarantee that you will have a dedicated account manager who is available from 8AM to 5PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday. Your account will include up to 1 hour per month of phone support time; however, we understand some things take longer than that, and will notify you if we feel that policy is being abused, in which case we can agree to a billable contract for support.
      • We guarantee to answer your questions from our Help Desk within 24 hours or less.
      • We guarantee to show you 3rd party tracking (Google Analytics) of how our efforts are impacting your website every month.

How do I sign up?

Head on over to the pricing page and choose your desired level. You’ll see a link to purchase directly from the pricing table. You may also email us or give us a call at 1.866.822.7246 x101 to start a conversation.

How much is the monthly membership for ASN to do ALL of my Social Media Marketing for me?

See our pricing chart for current rates. If you stop the service and want to return, you will be required to pay the current price at that point.

How much time until I begin to see results?

That will depend on the package you select. Do you want to see slow and steady growth? Or do you want to grow strong and fast? Your social network profiles, videos, articles, and press releases that we create are usually indexed within the first 3-5 weeks on Google and other major search engines. You’ll begin to see your online presence and exposure substantially increase at that time. This initial ramp-up period is only for the first month, as it takes longer to get you setup. If you’re a platinum member (BEST package), you’ll see traffic, leads, and exposure much faster.

How much time must I personally devote weekly?

You should expect to dedicate 5-15 minutes per week…unless you choose to post status updates, etc. on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. Additionally, we do include a monthly call with your account manager that typically last around 15-20 minutes.

Can I speak to the people working for me?

Yes! We will assign an account manager (AM) to your member’s account. You’ll be contacted via email soon after your initial sign-up to setup a time to speak live. This initial phone consultation will take between 15-20 minutes. In your member’s area, you’ll see a help desk we’ve set aside where you can submit a ticket any time and get a fast response. Tickets are responded to within 24 hours, many times much sooner. If you have questions at anytime, please submit a ticket to the help desk, and you’ll receive a prompt response.

Where is the ASN home office located?

Our entire team and agency is based here in the United States, unlike most other companies in our industry. We are headquartered in Riverside, CA.

Allowing ASN to control my social media marketing is going to do what for me?

It will make you a public relations machine so people searching online won’t be able to go anywhere without seeing content or listings by you. Also, see our benefits page for more insight as to how our service will help you. Our goal for you is complete market domination in your area so that you literally have NO competition in your marketplace!

How do I cancel my membership?

You would just provide us with a 30-day written notification. If your billing falls within those 30 days, you will be billed one last time but you will be provided with that full month of service.

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