How to Finally Solve the SEO and

Social Media Marketing Mystery for Chiropractors

Proven Methods for Chiropractors to
Get Seen, Get Known, Get Patients, and Grow Their Practice

Chiropractors have a unique problem when it comes to SEO and social media marketing.

Perhaps you started with good intentions to market your business online. You started a Facebook page. Maybe even dabbled in Twitter. Linked In was more your style, but even that hasn’t produced any results. So, you made social posts here and there, got some followers but didn’t see an increase in patient count.

Now it’s more a hassle for you and your staff than an effective marketing tool

So, you turned your attentions to SEO and Online Marketing. You got some keywords you thought would work, you placed some Google ads. You did an online search and found your company on Google alright…on page 4 or 6 or 10.

Even with the best intentions, the time, the money and the effort you put forward didn’t yield any results.

What’s a smart chiropractor to do?

Fortunately, there’s help.

Introducing Marketing Tools 360

Marketing Tools 360 is the cornerstone of “Everything-Done-For-You” online marketing and it’s how we’ve helped chiropractors build online presence, community authority and land on the front page of Google.

“I am very satisfied with what you all are doing for me. My name is on the first 18 pages of Google for multiple keywords locally! Thank you for all the hard work!”

– Dr. Cody, Chiropractor

Joining Automated Social Networking

Our Automated Social Networking team understands what you as a chiropractor need to do to get found online and bring patients to your office, and we’re here to help you. Our suite of services, along with a dedicated marketing team, work together to elevate your status in your local community.

  • Peace of mind knowing your marketing is working for you and not taking time away from your practice
  • A steady stream of potential new clients searching online and finding you on Google
  • Personal, engaging social media posts
  • Online ad marketing and tracking
  • Dedicated account manager

Marketing Tools 360 isn’t just an integrated suite of tools designed for chiropractors and other small business professionals.

It’s an implementation tool, a meticulous step-by-step plan that leaves nothing out, to ensure your practice gets to the front page of Google and stays there. And the best part…

You sit back, continue to heal patients, run your office and do what you need to do to grow and sustain your practice while our marketing team handles it.

So, what would it be worth to you and your business if you could focus all your efforts on why you became a chiropractor in the first place, leaving all the online marketing to our team of marketers?

Who should join Automated Social Network?

Chiropractors who do not have the time or staff for online marketing


Chiropractors whose focus is to heal and not write marketing content

Chiropractors who would rather spend budget dollars helping patients rather than on marketing staff


Chiropractors who don’t want to get left behind while 89% of potential clients are searching online

Start here to grow your practice.

We can help.

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The Benefits of Automated Social Networking

  • Create optimized content specific for your practice
  • Produce videos to drive engagement with your story
  • Release press releases to high quality sources
  • Post content to your social media channels
  • Post practice-specific content to your blog
  • Drive SEO page rankings up so you get found locally
  • Land your business on the front page of search

Meet the Team Behind ASN

Video Team

This experienced team writes, creates and produces optimized video content. Keywords are key to produce high ranking search results. We make your story visually come alive, then distribute those videos over various channels to ensure the highest relevancy for search algorithms.

Writing Team

ASN maintains a team of American writers to produce topical and search friendly pieces for your blog, social media posts, and article sites. Plus, we capture your successes, testimonials, and promote them through press release distribution to relevant media outlets.

Social Team

Your dedicated ASN team includes a group of experienced, ambitious social media marketers whose sole purpose is to help you become personal, known and trusted in social media channels.

Account Managers

Dedicated account managers communicate with you monthly in one-on-one calls to let you know how you’re ranking, find out about any upcoming promotions, and generally touch base.

Let Us Help Change Your Online Marketing Results

Automated Social Networking delivers a complete online marketing program using Marketing Tools 360, a complete suite of proven performance for a decade and a half now. We understand the challenges you face when trying to increase marketing efforts. We know what it takes to move your business to the front page Google and keep it there.

That’s why we provide an ambitious team of marketers committed to helping chiropractors enter, thrive, and succeed in the online marketing world. We are a highly focused group where you’ll get the dedication and support that makes running your businesses even easier.

Start here to grow your practice.

We can help.

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What ASN Really Offers

You could certainly do online marketing on your own. You could fumble with keywords, worry about post and blog content, wonder if your ads are effective, spend hours on social media. But nothing you do can offer what ASN offers: SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing in an ‘Everything Done For You’ format. We’ve created a precise and proven online marketing system that keeps you focused on your practice while we focus on getting a leg-up on your competition.




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